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I found her floating above the lake like this

God has risen

Imagine if it were Heimskr instead.

"Terrible and powerful Talos! We, your unworthy servants, give praise! For only through your grace and benevolence may we truly reach enlightenment! And deserve our praise you do, for we are one! Ere you ascended and the Eight became Nine, you walked among us, great Talos, not as god, but as man!"


美少女戦士セーラームーン クリスタル

screaming incoherently.

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everyone needs a waving snail on their blog

i feel that if I scroll past this and don’t reblog it the snail is going to look to the ground and cry

that comment

im sold

gotta do it now

I’ve just been emotionally blackmailed by a cartoon snail.

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replaying the same level in a video game for the hundredth time


this is extremely accurate 

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I didn’t… I didn’t set her straight. [x]

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I am Scottish. I can complain about things,  I can really complain about things now.

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It actually hurt to hear this.

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independent state of eyebrows

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trying not to get too rusty!

She’s so adorable!

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